What new businesses need to consider is the type of waste they produce, how frequently they produce it, how much of it they produce and where it goes. These factors will determine which type of commercial bin collection service will be best for them.

In terms of cost, if you are producing a lot of waste on a regular basis (i.e. weekly or even several times a week), then there may be substantial financial benefits to be gained by finding a reputable supplier who will make suggestions as to how you can make savings through effective waste segregation.   

In terms of types of waste, businesses often produce more than just general refuse which can include cardboard, paper packaging and other recyclable materials. It’s good to know what your business does with its waste so you can choose the appropriate service for your needs.

If access to the bins is an issue from vehicle loading or from customer access in retail environments – then either smaller or larger bins may help here. In retail environments, customers might have problems accessing large and heavy bins close to their car (especially at night). A smaller bin that can be wheeled out on a trolley may help solve this problem but also make sure you measure up your store first to make sure there is enough space for any containers before committing to choosing one size over another.

It’s worth considering what additional services are included with your account and whether you want some level of support from an Account Manager or Service team. 

The Costs of Waste Collection and Solutions

Commercial bins are a cost-effective solution for businesses generating large volumes of waste. They can be placed conveniently in locations around the business, and have a lifespan of up to 10 years. However, there are a number of factors that impact the cost and convenience of this service. The type of business also has an influence on what is required in terms of waste collection. For example, different types of bins may be needed depending on the nature and size of the business, with commercial bin hire prices varying accordingly.

The type of waste generated is another consideration when assessing whether commercial bins are appropriate for your business needs. For example, some types of waste might need to be disposed of at a landfill site, which would require more time than other disposal methods such as recycling or re-use. 

It’s important to remember that there’s more to commercial bin hire than just the cost; you should also ensure that there is access to your site for collections seven days a week, 24 hours a day so you’re not inconveniencing customers or staff by making them wait until after hours to empty their bins. You should also make sure that you have an SLA in place or support with your account manager and service team – this ensures peace of mind when dealing with any potential issues regarding your waste collection service.

Type of waste to consider

Different types of businesses produce different types of waste. If you are in the distribution industry and need a site for your bins and lots, you might require a type of commercial bin collection which is larger than what is needed for a small office. Some businesses may have heavy products that need to be collected from their stores on an infrequent basis or a regular commercial bin collection service.


For waste removal, business owners typically get charged per bin collected. However, the price can vary based on the type of service you select. For example, some companies charge a flat rate for each bin collected while others offer discounts to customers with more bins. Others might even have restrictions in places such as the number of bins you can have or the size of your business premises that may affect your disposal cost. Most bins also have a weight limit applied to them, and when this is exceeded the excess waste is charged at an amount per kilogram.

Types of bins

The type of bin that you need will depend on the type of business and waste streams.

It’s important to note that most bins are not designed for hazardous materials. If you have any hazardous wastes, then it is best to use a specialist service.

Commercial bins come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, depending on what types of waste are generated by your business. The most common types are wheelie bins, truckload bins and industrial bins.

Wheelie bins are the most common type of commercial bin used by businesses. They are often used by small and large companies alike and can be stored inside or outside the premises, depending on what type of building they occupy. These bins work well for general commercial or recycling waste only, but if you generate any hazardous waste, this should be kept separate from other waste and collected by a provider licenced to collect and dispose of hazardous waste. . Wheelie bins also cannot take large items like furniture as they do not accommodate these items well due to their size limitations.  Companies with bulkier waste to dispose of will normally use skips or roll on roll off containers for that reason. 

Wheelie bins come in all shapes and sizes from small ones that can hold up around 5-7 bags of recycling or general waste all the way up to larger wheelie bins which can approximately to 20-30 bags of recycling or general household waste. 

How we can support you

Many businesses have little or no experience with commercial bin collection and the associated logistics. They may not realise that there are certain types of waste that some bins cannot accept, such as batteries, gas cylinders, tyres, and asbestos. All these items need to be handled separately by a licensed operator with the correct training and equipment.

The other consideration is the type of service your business needs. Would you like ad hoc collections? Or would you like to enter into an agreement for regular collections?  Usually, it will be possible to arrange for regular collections on a schedule multiple times per week, weekly, fortnightly, or four weekly as required.

All these questions can be easily answered by getting in touch with our trade waste sales manager who will work closely with you to design a bespoke solution for your business that will:

– Minimize disruption to your operation 

– Be cost-effective 

– Be environmentally compliant

– Offer best in class service levels and customer support

By choosing REMONDIS to look after your waste collections you can be sure that all of the environmental obligations of your business are being met, and that your waste is being recycled and disposed of by a compliant licensed operator.

We also provide a number of different waste management services across Yorkshire and the North East, including skip hire in Doncaster. If you would like to find out how we can help your business then please contact us by telephone on (01670) 827820, or by email at sales@remondis.co.uk