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Based in Northumberland, REMONDIS has been trading since 1972. This gives us decades of experience providing quality skip hire. We’ve proven we’re a leading provider of skip hire. We’re dedicated to providing professional skip hire to the trade & public sectors. Our aim is complete customer satisfaction while achieving industry leading recycling rates. From commercial building sites to homes across Sunderland, we’ve provided it all! We have facilities in Newcastle, Northumberland, Country Durham & Wearside.

Skip Hire Sunderland

Sunderland Skip Hire

Our service covers a range of areas across Sunderland, from Castletown to Moorside. We strive to offer a professional service that our customers expect from us! We are a leading provider of skip hire in Sunderland. We’ve provided a sector-leading service in Sunderland for 46+ years. Acquired by REMONDIS in 2016, we’re now a part of the Rethmann Group. This further strengthened our services as we were able to develop our facilities. Our facilities process over 300,000 tonnes of waste per annum. This makes us one of the biggest waste management providers in Sunderland. If you’d like to speak to our team about hiring a skip, give us a call on 01670 827 820. You can also visit our page for more info – Skip Hire Sunderland

REMONDIS – Professional Skip Hire In Sunderland:

We’re able to offer an extensive range of skips from 2 to 40 Cubic Yards. We want the ability to tailor our service to you, so we make sure that we have a range of skips to send out for your needs. We can offer open, enclosed, lockable, tippler bins, drop door, roll-on-roll-off, or even specialist skips for those that need it. Our skips are available for long term hire or for a one-off visit.
Our trained drivers have decades of experience between them. You can rest assured that your skip is delivered on time! They make sure that your skip’s delivered making sure we’re not delaying your needs. We know how annoying delays are, no matter who you are! Commercial clients need efficient services to ensure their day isn’t delayed. Residential clients also need punctual skip hire
We take the time to understand everyone’s individual needs. Our team will find the most suitable service for your requirements, and offer them on a case by case basis. Whether you’re clearing out your garden or working on a  building site, we’re here for you.

No Middleman

When you work with Remondis, you’re working with Remondis! We, not a company that outsources our work as we want to make sure a professional service for our clients. You don’t deal with a middleman who is referring your quote to other companies. This makes it easier to manage your skip hire, as you’re only talking to one company and not two or three. It also means that we get a chance to speak to you about your needs. We can recommend the best skips that are fit for your purpose, making sure that you’re not paying more for something you don’t need.

Punctual Delivery

We aim to meet all times agreed before delivery, exchange and collection. We understand how important being punctual and reliable is especially for trade customers, as a skip is a difference between carrying on with work and stopping completely. Remondis provide service for those that need skip hire that is on time, every time. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer, you can all appreciate a dependable service.


Skip hire isn’t a service without ethics. Waste is being disposed of and many may wonder where that goes! Waste is processed through different stages of sorting so that recyclable materials are taken out. Sending some waste to landfill is unavoidable as there will be material that we cannot reuse. However, we aim to recycle up to 99% of the waste we collect, making sure that we’re sending as little waste to landfill as we can. We strive to recycle more waste than any other skip hire company, taking our service to the next level.

Do I Need A Skip Permit?

Skip hire permits might be something that’s on your mind when hiring a skip. We’ll go through some misconceptions you might come across whilst trying to hire a skip.
Skip hire permits might seem like something you need to organise yourself, but your provider should be doing this for you. If you need to place a skip on a public highway, you’ll need to arrange a permit. Public highways include roads, pavements or verges. Permits (In Sunderland) are valid for up to 28 days. Any longer and your provider may need to extend your permit.
Your chosen skip provider must register with Sunderland City Council. This is why no single individual can apply for a skip permit. Because of this, it will always a be your providers responsibility to apply for a skip permit. As stated on the Sunderland City Councils Website: “It is the responsibility of the skip operator to apply for a permit and not the householder.”

Professional Service:

We understand & appreciate that managing skip hire is difficult. This is why we aim to offer a professional service that takes the stress away from arranging skip hire. We know that every client’s needs are different, which is why our skip hire service is so adaptable. Our skip hire is also fully accredited giving you re-assurance that was completely above-board. Flytipping is a real issue, and there is a small list of companies that are ridding waste through illegal means. We’re certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. If you’re in the market for skip hire and are trying to find a service that fits you, why not call Remondis? We’ve worked in Sunderland for 46+ years making us experienced in our field. Give us a call on 01670 827 820


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