Summer events are lively and spirited celebrations that bring people together to enjoy music, art, food, culture and atmosphere. However, these events often generate large amounts of waste, producing environmental challenges. These green tips will offer practical solutions for event organisers, with the aim of creating eco-friendly festivals that ensure fun and safeguarding are put into place. By inputting these strategies, organisers can lead the way in sustainable event management, making sure that summer events remain cheerful and environmentally responsible gatherings.  

The Importance Of Waste Reduction at Summer Festivals 

Summer festivals are supposed to be vibrant celebrations of music, food, and community, however, they do have the potential to generate lots of waste. This waste can unfortunately have long-lasting negative impacts on the environment, making waste reduction at these events important. By reducing waste, festivals can help reduce the burden on landfills, conserve natural resources, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

Adopting sustainable practices helps to enhance the festival experience for attendees and demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility, promoting a positive image and setting a standard for future events. Essentially, reducing waste at summer festivals is an important step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly event. Explore some of our tips below:

Planning & Strategy

Effective waste reduction at summer festivals begins with precise planning and strategy. Event organisers should set clear, and achievable waste reduction goals, collaborating with external companies to ensure everyone is aligned with these objectives. 

Preventing Waste

  • Digital Tickets – promoting digital tickets at summer festivals is a good idea for waste reduction. By replacing physical tickets with electronic tickets, event organisers can significantly reduce paper waste. Digital tickets are easy to use and can be accessed on smartphones, that can be scanned upon entry. 

  • Eco-Friendly Decor – Eco-friendly decor is essential to maintaining a sustainable summer festival. By choosing materials made from biodegradable, recycled, or reusable materials, event organisers can significantly reduce waste. Going for options like fabric banners, wooden signs and biodegradable confetti can make the festival look just as good. 

  • Reusable Items – Encouraging the use of reusable items is a key factor for waste reduction at summer events. By choosing to use reusable cups, plates, and cutlery, event organisers can massively cut down on plastic waste. 

Recycling and Composting 

  • Recycling Stations – setting up recycling stations offers a practical way to promote waste reduction at summer festivals. These stations should be placed accordingly throughout the venue to make it easy for attendees to recycle any recyclable materials they may have. 

Attendee Engagement

  • Volunteer Programs – Putting a volunteer program in place is a valuable initiative for waste reduction at summer festivals. Engaging volunteers to assist with waste management tasks, such as sorting recyclables can really expand the effectiveness of waste reduction efforts. 

  • Skip Hire – Remondis offer a practical solution for waste management at summer festivals. Skip hire provided by our professionals offers a convenient way to collect and dispose of various types of waste generated during the event.