Mission, Vision and Values

VISION – To provide waste management services that benefit both people and the environment.

MISSION – Working for the future. To lead by example through promoting sustainability, progress and innovation.


SAFETY – safe working conditions is our number one priority for all our staff, customers and stakeholders.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Taking responsibility for all our actions at every stage of our process.

RESPONSIBILITY – Taking into consideration legislation and the environment at every stage of our process.

CONSERVATION – recovering and recycling as much material possible so that the impact on our planet’s natural resources is minimised.

INNOVATION – continuous improvement of processes and procedures to improve efficiency and customer experience.

CUSTOMER CENTRIC – providing reliable, compliant, cost-effective and environmentally friendly waste management services with the best experience for all our customers.

We run our business according to the principles of material flow management:


  • The rate that renewable resources are used should not exceed their rate of regeneration.
  • Non-renewable resources should only be used at the same rate as renewable substitutes with the same physical and functional characteristics can be developed and/or a higher productivity of both the renewable and non-renewable resources can be achieved.
  • Emissions into the environment should not exceed the point where individual ecosystems are unable to deal with their impact.
  • The timeframe of anthropogenic impact on the environment must be in line with the timeframe needed by the environment’s relevant natural processes to react to this impact.
  • Anthropogenic activities that pose a danger or an unjustifiable risk to human health should be avoided.


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Avoiding The Use Of Illegal Services

There’s a range of companies that are trying to offer cheap services to businesses like yourself. This may seem like a great solution, as they seem to undercut larger waste management companies. These “cheap” providers are usually operating through illicit practices like fly tipping, or illegally burying waste which ends up polluting the land that we need to work on restoring & protecting. Opting for a professional waste management company will also guarantee you aren’t going to end up in trouble with environmental agencies. Technically the party who generates the waste is responsible for where it ends up, it’s just that waste management companies take it upon themselves to sort this out for there customers. If your fly-tipped waste can be traced back to you, you’ll end up with a hefty fine which can end up being tens of thousands of pounds. There has been a wave of stories like this since it’s a common scam for a lot of people to fall for.


Why should you choose us for your waste disposal needs? It’s as easy as taking a look at the reviews we’ve received, as well as the amount of time we’ve spent in Sunderland helping thousands of businesses with their commercial waste. From collection to disposal, our service is quality throughout. We don’t cut corners for the sake of saving money, as we want to ensure that the service our customers are receiving is of leading quality.

At REMONDIS, we want to ensure that health & safety is put first. Our waste collection teams make sure that the collection & disposal of waste goes seamlessly. We ensure that all of the services we provided are carried out with care, respect & efficiency. If you are thinking about enquiring about professional waste collection then REMONDIS are your best bet. Speak with one of our advisors and they can advise you on a proper waste management plan that will help aid the overall operation of your business. Visit our page for Waste Disposal Sunderland or call our team on 01670 827 820