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Looking after your waste:

All businesses are going to create waste to some degree, whether you’re a small restaurant or a large office. Waste is something that many business owners disregard however it’s an important aspect that you need to organise & manage well in order to maintain a well-functioning business. If you own or work in a business that knows what they need when it comes to waste disposal, management & collection, get in touch with us today.

Waste collection is one of the most stressful things to organise if you aren’t working with a provider like REMONDIS since you’re having to organise several logistical aspects like the vehicular hire, site of disposal & actual collection of the waste. Unless you’re using a van to take away your commercial waste on a weekly basis, your average business owner isn’t going to have the time or money to dispose of the waste themselves. 

Making sure your waste isn’t collected & disposed of improperly is essential as you are liable for that waste.

You may be tempted to opt for a “white van man” service who offers to dispose of your waste for a ridiculously low price. This may not be such a good idea since services like this are infamous for leaving the business owner in hot water. These one-man-band services will often dispose of waste illegally which still leaves you liable for your waste when it’s found by somebody who will undoubtedly report it to the council.

Using a professional waste collection company ensures that you are dealing with an above-board company. It’s vital that you are dealing with a legitimate company that isn’t fly-tipping in order to cut corners on costs. There are always going to be a few companies & providers that offer waste collection for prices that are too good to be true. It should be known that these providers are more than likely operating through illegal practices, and should be avoided at all costs. There have been many stories about businesses using providers like this and then be held liable for the fly-tipped waste, often amounting to fines of thousands of pounds for the clear up. You may think you’re saving money by using a shady provider however in the long run, the fines you could receive will overshadow any savings you may have made by opting out of a professional waste collection company.

If you’re a business owner or work in a business in Durham, then it is absolutely essential that you take the proper responsibility for the waste that is generated by your business. A waste collection specialist like REMONDIS is the best solution when it comes to managing your waste disposal as they’re able to take the stress out of thinking about sorting your waste out. From collection to disposal, they take care of everything. A professional service is the best way of getting a stress-free solution for your companies waste collection.

REMONDIS offers a collection service that they’re able to tailor in order to help cater to their customer’s needs. Any professional waste collection service will be able to minimise the amount of downtime if a customer requires any extensive collection. The best services are those that just get on with the waste collection without interrupting the business. REMONDIS will also make an effort to provide ways of cutting down on the waste that your business produces, which results in small savings over time that will build up into better profit margins for your business. It also means using a service like the one REMONDIS offers, you’re making a conscious effort to reduce the waste you produce which helps the environment!

Get in touch with us today to discuss how REMONDIS can help your business maximize recycling best practice and minimise disposal costs.


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