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For any business, waste management is a key part of day-to-day dealings. Ensuring that your trade waste is disposed of efficiently and within the appropriate legislation is vital.

If you are looking for a business to support you with your waste management in Newcastle, our team here at REMONDIS have the perfect solution. As a licenced waste carrier, proudly offer a comprehensive service that aims to take the stress away from managing your waste.

We can service both domestic and commercial customers for rubbish removal in Newcastle, and we will work to find the perfect service for your specific needs and requirements. If you would like to find out more about our waste management services, simply get in contact with us today.

Business Waste Removal Across Newcastle

As a company, we can offer a comprehensive list of waste management services for businesses in the Newcastle area, helping to keep the city clean. We provide regular waste collections for a variety of waste including glass waste, rubbish removal, recycling cardboard boxes and much more commercial waste types to help manage your business’s environmental impact.

Being one of the leading waste companies in Newcastle, we have ensured that our fleet meets emissions standards in the Newcastle Clean Air Zone so that your business doesn’t have to cover any hidden costs or charges for emissions charges, and our services can remain at a reasonable price.

Household Waste Management

It’s a common thought that the waste management service we offer is only to businesses across Newcastle but this is wrong. We also offer collection services for domestic needs as well. We understand that not everything can be disposed of in wheelie binds and some waste needs to be disposed of in a specific manner.

We assure you that we will be able to provide a reliable waste management service for all of your needs. We are proud to own the one and only recycling village. This is a recycling facility that our domestic customers can visit and recycle their waste. The recycling village is open 7 days a week so there will always be a way to fit the disposal of your waste around your busy schedule.

Dealing With A Wide Range of Waste

Our team has years of experience disposing of a wide range of waste types. Whether you work in trade and you’re looking for a reliable waste disposal service or you are simply looking for a one-off disposal of electrical waste or garden waste we assure you that we can provide the perfect solution.

We can recycle a wide range of materials and all materials that are non-recyclable will be disposed of professionally. If you would like to find out more about what materials are recyclable and which are not, pick up the phone and give one of our friendly team members a call.

Recycling Specialists

Here at REMONDIS, we are proud to be Newcastle upon Tyne’s number-one choice when it comes to offering recycling services to both domestic and commercial customers. We are competent in recycling a wide range of materials including paper, cardboard, glass, plastics and cans.

One key question we often receive from our customers is, why would I recycle my waste? Well, by recycling your waste you are taking your waste and giving it a chance to be reused for another purpose. By choosing to reduce waste sent to landfill, you will be doing your part to conserve some of the finite materials our earth provides us with and lessen your environmental impact.

Choose To Dispose Of Your Waste Properly With REMONDIS

Many companies operating within Newcastle Upon Tyne and the surrounding areas, will charge you money to illegally dump your waste. One of the most common methods of illegal waste disposal is fly-tipping, which is very harmful to the environment.

It is vital that you choose a licensed waste carrier, such as REMONDIS. By law, it is your responsibility to safely dispose of your waste, and therefore, you could face serious consequences if your waste is found to have been fly-tipped.

We will make sure that every bit of waste that is left with us is dealt with properly and in a manner that is sustainable for the environment, all with great service and at a cost effective, reasonable price.

Over the years we have worked with many businesses and domestic customers to offer waste disposal in Newcastle. With many happy customers and subsequent positive reviews, we encourage you to speak to our team today. Our friendly team goes above and beyond for our customers to offer a second to none service in the Newcastle area. If you would like to find out more about our comprehensive waste management service, simply give us a call today.

Do You Offer Waste Transfer Notes?

Yes, as a matter of duty of care, we do offer waste transfer notes as a part of your waste management service. This is included every time we collect any waste from any premises.

How Often Can Our Waste Be Collected?

Whether you need daily or fortnightly collections, or something in between, as a part of our great service, we can collect your waste as and when it is needed. Our collection services can be tailored to your needs and requirements exactly.

Are REMONDIS Certified?

Here at REMONDIS, we proudly hold many different certifications. This includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. We’re also a member of the North East England Chamber of Commerce to prove our dedication to servicing the area.

Do I need to reconsider how I manage my waste?

When we look at waste, waste is made by everyone regardless of who you are or where you live. From the domestic to the industrial, waste is always a struggle to manage and dispose of since we are in such a surplus of waste which we are struggling to cope with as a planet. Improper waste disposal leads to horrible pollution where unrecyclable materials get put into landfills which takes thousands of years to decompose if it even does. Through our waste, we are currently destroying the world a landfill at a time, so it’s up to us to make a change and start looking at more efficient and ethical ways of disposing of our waste. If you are looking for more information on ethical means of disposing of your commercial waste, then visit our page on Waste Management Newcastle or give our team a call on 01670 827 820 to speak to our operators.

With more and more rises with the tax on waste-to-landfill, the cost associated with disposing of your waste is increasing. The pressure to find an eco-friendly service is also higher than ever before. At REMONDIS, we understand the challenges your business will face which is why we offer a diverse waste management service making sure we can cater our quality service to any business, regardless of what sector. If you are looking for an economical, ethical and reliable waste management service, then REMONDIS is the solution provider for your business in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Can professional waste management reduce pollution?

We can’t turn a blind eye to the pollution we are creating that is destroying the land, sea and air that we so cherish. This is where a provider like REMONDIS comes in as they strive to deliver effective waste management to commercial clients making sure 99% of the waste we dispose of is recycled rather than all of it being dumped into a landfill. Waste management is always a complicated process to organise which is why REMONDIS offer an all-inclusive service to make sure your needs are catered for, regardless of what scale your business is.

By selecting an eco-friendly waste management provider, you can be assured that your waste is going to be recycled through our stringent processes. By working with REMONDIS, you will also be doing your part in the fight against the wave of pollution that is ruining our environment. A business big or small will create more waste, so it’s paramount that you find the right provider for your waste disposal solution.

How can I find the best waste collection service?

Looking for the best service for your business is difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Observing your own needs should be a priority since you’re able to find the best service that suits your needs. You have a few options when it comes to waste collection, being council or private. Council waste collection will often be quite limited in what they can collect, whereas private are fairly comprehensive. Private companies are also available to tailor their service to your needs, giving you a bespoke service which improves cost-effectiveness.

Depending on what the waste you’re producing, your council collection service may not be able to collect your waste. Private companies should always be able to tailor their service to your needs, regardless of the type of waste (within reason). You could be a builder in Sunderland needing a skip or a restaurant in Newcastle with food waste, the point is a private company will be able to customise a service to suit your requirements.

Can a service provider grow with my business?

You should also ask yourself whether or not your chosen company can handle business expansion. Changing providers is always a tricky process, so if you choose a company that can provide for all eventualities, then why not do so! As your business grows, your waste collection service should be able to adapt since your needs will also change!

This is where timeframe/schedules come into play. Uncollected waste left lying around is a hindrance to any business, so your chosen provider must be efficient & reliable. Comparing how frequent council collections are vs private companies and you may be surprised about how infrequent council collections are. A slower frequency may suit your needs, but as companies grow your needs will follow. Private companies tend to cope with commercial waste collection better as their sole focus is to cater to businesses.

Avoiding fines as a business owner

A business owner in Newcastle or Tyne & Wear must consider their waste management carefully since there are strict regulations set out by local councils and the environmental protection agency. REMONDIS can make sure your business is compliant with the latest laws and regulations, so you don’t face fines for breaking the law.

Businesses, small or large must consider their waste management service to remain compliant with the latest waste management legislation. With increasing regulations around the disposal waste and recycling, it’s becoming ever more important to find a reliable company to take care of your waste management needs with a quality service.

REMONDIS has a large fleet of vehicles, bins & skips making sure you’re needs are catered for when it comes to waste management. This means your requirements can be met with no compromise, tailoring our service to your specific needs. Every member of staff is trained to high service standards as we expect from our professional waste disposal teams. Our teams work hard with you to make sure our service is ideal for you. We make sure that your waste management is taken care off so you’re given a hassle-free service.

Why should I work with REMONDIS?

Finding the right provider for your waste management service will also save you time and money! Rather than having to arrange specific processes yourself, REMONDIS provides a quick & efficient service that takes care of everything. This saves you time, money and effort since our experts handle everything!

Unlike other companies, our real-life human team are only a call away! We aren’t a conglomerate that uses outsourced call centres. Our staff are all based in our Newcastle, giving them great knowledge of Newcastle.

There are a handful of providers in Newcastle that proceed in unregulated manners, illegally dumping the waste they collect ruining the environment that we live in. The waste this produces is incredibly damaging considering this waste a lot of the time isn’t even contained in a landfill. It is just fly-tipped in a barren area where it is left to sit. You can imagine how dangerous this is as it causes a considerable health and safety risk depending on what the waste consists of. If this is industrial waste, the damage will be even more worrying since the toxic or dangerous material will just be left out to pollute food and water sources for people.

Here at REMONDIS, we take health and safety very seriously making sure that your workplace is treated with the utmost respect. All of our staff are trained to a top standard making sure they are capable of providing nothing but the best service. We make sure your waste is taken care off in the best possible manner. Our service is held up by our cornerstone which is our determination to provide a premium service to our loyal customers. If you are considering a new waste management approach for your current business then approach REMONDIS with your current plan and our team can advise you on how to improve it. Visit our page on Commercial Waste Management Newcastle or call our team on 01670 827 820

What Types of Waste Can REMONDIS Collect?

As a company, our waste management services cover business waste, trade waste, commercial waste, industrial waste, glass waste, garden waste and much more. Please feel free to check with our team for a waste audit to see if our rubbish removal will be the best fit for your waste.


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