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Waste disposal is an essential process that happens every single day on a commercial level. Businesses are always going to produce large amounts of waste which have to be disposed of clinically and safely. This is where reliable waste disposal services come in, just like the one REMONDIS provides as the leading provider of waste disposal in Newcastle.

Choosing the best waste disposal service is incredibly important since it’s a process that happens on such a frequent basis. If one collection fails, then you’re left with a backlog of waste which can ruin a business’s operations. With new regulations from the government regarding the way companies dispose of their commercial waste, it’s becoming more important to make sure your business’s waste disposal is taken care of.

Work with REMONDIS to make sure your business runs smoothly with expert waste disposal services in Newcastle. We offer a no fuss service that takes care of everything from collection to ethical and carbon-neutral disposal. Find more information on waste disposal in Newcastle, or call our team on 01670 827 820.

The Need for Commercial Waste Disposal in Newcastle

Waste buildup can be harmful and hazardous if not disposed of properly. It doesn’t matter what the waste is – from broken TVs to scraps of cardboard to old office desks – people and the environment can be affected by this kind of waste in ways that wouldn’t even cross our minds. This is why such stringent regulations are set for waste disposal. If you’re looking for Newcastle waste disposal services then look no further than REMONDIS, as we have plenty of experience when it comes to safe and efficient waste disposal.

It’s essential that a business takes care of its waste as there can be heavy repercussions to not having a proper waste process in place, including fines and even prison sentences. It’s ultimately the company’s responsibility that their waste is disposed of responsibly, and that’s guaranteed when you choose REMONDIS as your waste disposal partner. By using a professional provider, you can avoid the time it’d take and the money it’d cost to set up your own waste disposal and recycling infrastructure.

Why Choose REMONDIS For Your Waste Disposal?

Using a reliable and trustworthy waste management company removes the need to be worried by any regulations as the provider takes care of it all. With REMONDIS, we have a track record in safe and efficient waste collection and disposal and are able to recycle a lot of our waste too. Whilst other cheaper options may be available, they might not be as reliable and you could be liable for any waste that isn’t disposed of properly. It only takes a quick call to arrange your waste disposal with REMONDIS.

Ethical Waste Disposal in Newcastle

A key role that waste disposal companies often overlook is the preservation of the environment. Many companies claim to recycle their waste, but REMONDIS has proven recycling rates of up to 99%. We strive to recycle more waste than any other waste disposal provider. Pollution by waste comes from landfills that are filled with items that could have been recovered. By working with a company like REMONDIS for your waste disposal in Newcastle, you’re doing your part in the fight against pollution.

REMONDIS has always had a strong focus on being carbon neutral, making sure we divert waste from landfill wherever we can. Businesses also benefit from using more environmentally-friendly services, as you can promote your green credentials by using us as for your waste disposal in Newcastle.

What is Commercial Waste?

Commercial waste is any waste product that is created as a result of commercial activity. Whether you’re in a labourer that creates construction waste or an office that discards paper documents, it’s all categorised as commercial waste.

Commercial waste also applies to any business waste that you might produce from a home-based company. For example, if you were running a food business from your home, you would still be creating commercial waste as a result of running your business.

The official definition is set and clear; commercial waste isn’t dictated by where it’s made, it’s how it’s made. Any waste that is produced from commercial activity must be disposed of as such. It can’t be disposed of in domestic refuse bins. If caught doing so, you could be fined heavily by local councils and regulations. Commercial refuse must be disposed of in the appropriate waste bins or skips.

Why Do I Need Commercial Waste Disposal?

Waste collection can sometimes be an afterthought for businesses, as there are hundreds if not thousands of things to think about when running a company. However, waste management needs to be thought of as one of your first priorities, especially if you’re a business that will produce a lot of waste.

Improper waste management can lead to hefty fines for your business if your trade waste isn’t disposed of properly. And as long as you’re operating as a business, your waste is considered commercial or trade, so can’t be mixed with residential waste.

All business owners are responsible for their waste collection, be it a local council collection or a private trade collection. All business owners are responsible for where the waste ends up, even as a result of fly-tipping. It’s why choosing a professional provider like REMONDIS is a safe choice, and why choosing the cheapest options isn’t recommended.

How Do I Find The Best Waste Disposal Service?

When it comes to waste disposal services, you have a few choices. You can either inquire with the local council or use a private company. Using the council leaves you with an off-the-peg service, which may suit some businesses but can’t take into account the individual needs of each business. However, with a private company like REMONDIS, we can provide a bespoke service that perfectly caters to your business’s requirements.

It’s also worth considering that there’s some waste that councils don’t take, with construction waste being one of the most common refusals. It means that your only option for waste disposal in that scenario is a private company like REMONDIS.

Will My Waste Be Recycled?

Something that the council cannot guarantee is that your waste will be recycled. Due to strict budgets and time constraints, they might have to put your waste into landfill. This isn’t ideal for a lot of companies as they want to be environmentally responsible with their waste. This lack of control of the waste disposal service is why private companies are the best option. With private providers, you’re able to guarantee where your waste ends up.

Why Should I Trust REMONDIS?

REMONDIS understands the complexity of arranging your waste stream. This is why we help carry out audits to assess the waste that your site produces so we can devise the best plan and solution to take care of your waste disposal from collection to processing. Our team provides you with monthly reports of how your waste is being processed giving you an entirely tailored service. We know that every business is different, which is why our waste disposal in Newcastle is so adaptable.

Our service makes sure your business is fully compliant with all regulations your business comes under. All businesses have a duty of care in respect of the waste they produce. We are certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. This reaffirms that we can operate at the highest levels of quality and environmental performance, making us the leading provider of waste disposal in Newcastle. If you’re considering a new waste disposal plan, then REMONDIS should be your provider.

Does REMONDIS offer waste disposal outside of Newcastle?

As well as offering a professional and reliable waste disposal service in Newcastle, we offer a range of services across the North East and Yorkshire, including places like Durham, Sunderland, Rotherham and Doncaster.


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