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Most, if not all businesses create waste to some level. You could be a small office offering legal advice to a large fast-food chain producing hundreds of meals a day; regardless you are still in a trade that is creating waste which that needs to be managed & disposed of properly. For more information about proper disposal of all trade waste and reliable waste management in Durham, please visit our following link!

The government haven’t made progress with something like a trade waste collection scheme as of yet, so it’s up to private companies like REMONDIS to take charge, offering a reliable service that businesses small and large can rely on! With our reliable waste management and recycling scheme, we’re able to offer professional waste management for businesses in the business sector.

Ensure your waste is properly managed:

Making sure your trade waste isn’t stored improperly and taken from your business by vandals is very important. Since you’re held accountable for the waste your company produces, it’s vital that you know where your waste is going. If you’re a business owner in Durham, then it’s vital that you taking responsibility for your waste. Anything you dispose of that’s from your business is business waste. Waste management specialists like REMONDIS are the best option when it comes to sorting out your waste management. From collection to disposal, a professional company like REMONDIS is the best bet if you’re looking for a stress-free option for your companies waste management.

A professional waste management service will help to educate staff about the waste they produce so they can help you to minimise any unnecessary waste created in their daily job. This is a great step towards cutting down the waste you produce, resulting in granular savings which make up for more profit! It also helps to reduce your overall wastage which means you’re helping the environment by reducing the amount of waste your company produces!

Organising Your Trade Waste Management in Durham

A professional waste management company will also help you to develop your “green credentials” which lets clients and others know you’re taking steps in investing in protecting the environment. Opting for an environmentally conscious waste management company allows your business to demonstrate the responsible side of your business. Using such companies is great for marketing material, as this is useful over your marketing channels – proudly advertising your social conscience.

Opting for professional waste management in Durham is also going to ensure you’re dealing with an entirely above-board business. You want to ensure that your provider doesn’t operate through illegal practices like fly-tipping. There are a handful of companies that offer “waste management” for prices that are too good to be true. These dealers are often operating without a license and proper practice. They use practices like fly tipping so they don’t pay for disposal fees, increasing their profit margin. Using a supplier like this could leave your business accountable for the waste you’ve disposed of. Any company who manages waste is accountable for the waste they dispose of. However, if a illicit company goes into hiding when they’ve been caught, the owner of the waste could be liable.

Fly Tipping – An Illegal Practice

Fly tipping is the practice of dumping household or trade waste in areas that are not meant for waste disposal. These areas are often rural areas ruining the environment beyond repair. When companies fly tip, they are taking away valuable tax money that could be spent elsewhere. Instead, it’s used on cleaning up these fly tip sites.

You might think, “Why do I care?” Well, the government has to pay for teams to clean up this mess since it can’t just be left like that as it makes for hazardous sites that ruin the environment. Tax money goes towards paying for the clean up of these messes, so we inherently pay our taxes. This doesn’t seem to dissuade the perpetrators since fly tipping is at an all-time high in the UK.

There are hundreds of stories and reports from local councils around Northumberland, Newcastle and Durham that provide details of how people have been disposing of waste improperly. There have been reports of some businesses that avoid paying for waste management and disposal by dumping trade waste in rural back alleys, or even rural forests that end up polluting the environment.

Fly tipping is ruining the environment:

All of these illegal activities are spoiling the environment we live in. You may not feel like these effects but consider this. Why let someone take advantage of a system that benefits only them and into you? Fly tipping is directly ruining and polluting our country and wastes tax money that could be used on something useful.

For those who pay taxes & business rates, it’s important to set an example for those that aren’t doing so. Those who are using illegal practices need to be held accountable for their actions. For those that are flaunting the law, know that you’ll be caught as there is more and more focus on businesses using below board practices to get rid of their waste!

At REMONDIS, we take extra precaution towards the health & safety of our operations. We want to make sure that we offer your workplace with the upmost respect. Our staff go through top standard training, making sure they are capable of providing nothing but the best service. We make sure to take manage your waste in the best possible way. Our service is held up by our determination to offer a premium service to our loyal customers. If you are considering a new waste management approach for your current business, give us a call! Approach REMONDIS with your current plan & our team can advise you on how to improve it.


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