PVCu Collection

Pile of PVCU Window Frames

REMONDIS offer a fully compliant and reliable collection service for post-industrial and post-consumer PVCu window frames. 100% of the PVCu material collected is sent for specialised reprocessing and appropriate reuse. PVCu is one of the most widely disposed of materials that ends up going to landfill which is awful for the environment. Here at REMONDIS, we’re on the forefront of PVCu removal, offering services for both industrial & domestic clients. Whether you’re dealing with fitting/removing PVCu doors/windows or are a producer of products utilising PVCu, we’re able to offer a service that can take care of your PVCu disposal. Our team can help to guide & discuss how our service can benefit your business by reducing the waste you produce.

The service we offer includes:

  • Collection of new PVCu frames from manufacturer and fabricator premises.
  • Collection of end-of-life PVCu frames from fabricator or installer premises.
  • Collection virgin PVCu offcut material.
  • Provision of appropriate, compliant containers ranging from cut-off IBC cages to Ro/Ro skips for large quantity waste producers.
  • Scheduled flexible and reliable collection options.
  • One-off or contracted service.
  • Competitive rebate structure for PVCu material, subject to meeting agreed quantity and quality requirements.
  • Dedicated account management and support.
  • Provision of documentation.

WEEE and PVCU Collection Enquiries



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