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    Skip Hire Doncaster | REMONDIS

    Skip hire is a vital service for those that are looking to store and dispose of large amounts of waste. REMONDIS is proud to offer affordable skip hire services. Our drivers provide quick delivery and simple collections. Working throughout Doncaster is a priority for us, with a state of the art facility in Doncaster.

    REMONDIS specialise in all types of waste management. We’re able to serve anyone who is looking for a simple skip solution. Whether you’re looking at clearing or renovating, we have you covered. Our team of experts can help find the best skip for your needs. They’ll work to come up with the best service suited to your requirements.

    Certified & Accredited:

    REMONDIS holds a license from the Environmental Agency. This means we’re held to high standards with the way we operate as a waste management company. Our processes get examined ensuring that we’re carrying out our services above board. We’ve always aimed to carry out the most ethical and safest ways of collecting and disposing of waste. This is why we’re leading professionals in our sector of waste management. Our teams are well-experienced waste management specialists. This ensures that we’re able to provide a quality service regardless of what we’re working on. It could be skip hire, or it could be trade bin collection, it doesn’t matter!

    Skip hire isn’t only useful for commercial uses since most households can make use of them too! Many think that skips are only used by construction companies but that’s not true! Our skips are more than capable of suiting domestic uses too. From garden clear outs to renovations, our skips are great for residential uses!

    Do I Need A Skip Hire Permit?:

     If you’re looking at skip hire services you may have come across permits. This may be confusing to those who have never hired a skip before. Permits for hiring a skip are great for those who can’t store a skip on private land. Skips can be placed on public highways (roads and pavements etc.) but only with a permit. Permits need approval from your local council, as they’ll need to know how long the skip is being stored for. Once your permit is arranged, you’ll be good to go!

    Doncaster Council advises that “If a skip is found to be placed on the highway illegally (without a licence) there will be a retrospective charge of £83.” Permits are only £18 so this fee should be absorbed into the price of the skip hire. Private individuals are not able to apply for skip permits, so it’s something your provider will have to do.

    Why use REMONDIS?:

    We’re qualified skip hire providers with decades of experience behind us. We’ve been working throughout the North East and South Yorkshire since 1972. This makes us one of the longest serving companies in the sector. We’ve proven that our service is valuable to those that need it. This ensures that we’re looking after our clients when it comes to their needs. 

    With facilities in Doncaster, Birtley & Bedlington, we’re well embedded within the community. We’ve worked throughout the North East & South Yorkshire for years. If you’re looking for a professional skip hire service in Doncaster, we have you covered! For more information about our services, feel free to browse through our site. You can also enquire about our skip hire service by calling: 08000 665501


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