JBT with its main office located to the north of Newcastle upon Tyne was founded in 1972 by John and Glynis Binks who have grown the business to make it one of the leading waste collection and treatment companies in the North East of England. JBT was listed in the top 50 of the North East Business Awards as well as in the national awards for the 50 fastest growing companies in the waste management industry. From its two sites operated in Bedlington and Birtley, north and south of the River Tyne, the company offers a wide range of waste management services, comprising waste collection, recycling, RDF processing, WEEE and aggregate recycling to some 500+ customers. In recent years the company experienced rapid growth and now processes over 220,000 tonnes of waste per annum, employing 150 staff. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the financial details of the acquisition.

Steve Patterson, Managing Director of Remondis Waste Solutions Ltd, the UK subsidiary of the  German waste management group, has confirmed today that a contract for the sale of JBT had been signed. He states that a joint team under his guidance made up of the current JBT management and two further finance and operation experts from the Remondis head office in Germany will be set up to ensure a smooth transition and integration into the Remondis Group.

Steve said “JBT has experienced impressive growth in recent years thanks to clear strategic vision, a highly skilled and committed workforce and a strong management team. Together with Graham Palmer and David Binks who have made a valuable contribution to the growth of the business in recent years and who will remain in their current roles, we look forward to continuing the JBT success story and providing all our customers with the high level of service they are used to.”

Commenting on the acquisition, John Binks, CEO and founding shareholder of JBT, said “In spite of its impressive scale, the family-owned structure of the Remondis group and the mindset of the Remondis people are based on very similar philosophies to our own. This is why we believe that Remondis are a natural fit for JBT and its employees and a strong partner to further diversify our activities and develop the business as a whole.”


Founded in 1934, the Rethmann Group is a multinational, privately-owned company turning over about 12 billion Euros with employee numbers at about 60,000 and operations in three main business areas. Within the UK, the group’s logistics branch Rhenus has 12 locations throughout England and Scotland. Saria, the animal by-product and food waste processing business, has also a  wide presence in the UK through several large-scale anaerobic digestion plants in Doncaster, Widnes and Dagenham as well as through other facilities in the bio-waste sector. In terms of classical waste management activities, Remondis UK could so far offer hazardous waste services through its collection and treatment operations in Prescot located between Manchester and Liverpool. With the JBT acquisition, Remondis will be able to complete its portfolio with a view to becoming one of the major full-service suppliers on the UK waste management market. At the same time, the decision to invest in a regional player such as JBT reflects the Remondis commitment of being close to local customers and markets. Teaming up with strong regional players and bringing in some international expertise is considered to be an important factor that has contributed to the success of the Rethmann group.


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