Road Sweeper Hire

REMONDIS offer competitively priced road sweeper service for one-off jobs or contracted/scheduled work. Our sweepers are cleaned, maintained & serviced regularly to ensure that our clients are getting the best value for their service. We pride ourselves by offering a quality service that is second to none. We want to our clients can stand easy knowing you’re getting a professional service. Whether you’re looking for a one-off service or regular contract work, REMONDIS are able to offer a fully tailored service that takes care of your needs.

We operate modern specialised Johnston VT650 Sweepers incorporating two side brushes, a wide sweep brush and powerful suction gear to ensure optimum cleaning.

Our sweepers perform efficiently in wet or dry conditions and are designed for effective site cleaning of litter, leaves, dust, mud, aggregates and glass.

Sites of all sizes and types can be serviced, such as –

  • Business, Retail, Entertainment Parks and Industrial Estates
  • Construction Sites, Roads, Car Parks, Courtyards, Airfields, Farmyards, Open Spaces
  • Processing Plants, Hospitals parking areas, Kerb-sides and service roads.
  • Warehouses, Loading Bays, Compounds, Playgrounds, Foot Paths, Cycle Ways, Storage Areas

Road Sweeper Enquiries



NORTH EAST 01670827820 | SOUTH YORKSHIRE 01302322092